40 Seconds of Hope – Prayer

In this installment of “40 Seconds of Hope”, Pastor Todd shares about prayer our spiritual weapon.  And how we use prayer against

40 Seconds of Hope – Prayer2018-10-05T13:58:01-04:00

20 Seconds of Courage – Sharing Jesus

Christian Growth Center (CGC) is launching a new video series called “20 Seconds of Courage”. In the first of many episodes, I

20 Seconds of Courage – Sharing Jesus2018-10-05T11:01:38-04:00

From The Pastor’s Heart

As I sit here in my favorite chair during my morning coffee and meditation time, I am reminiscent of where God pulled me from and thankful for where I am going.

From The Pastor’s Heart2018-06-01T13:10:23-04:00
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