Rob and Tricia Sowell are drawn to people from all walks of life. Their heart is to help people come to know the reality of God and His ways and be empowered through Christ Jesus to live victoriously.

Rob and Tricia’s Christian life began with Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas. Rob worked as a member of Kenneth Copeland’s crusade team while Tricia was assigned to read and answer letters received from all over the United States. In their local church pastored by Jerry Savelle, they served in the ministry of Helps. Rob and Tricia’s knowledge and understanding of the Word grew greatly during this time. As a result of answering the call of God, Rob and Tricia stepped into the pastoral anointing. Ordained by Kenneth Copeland in 1982, they moved to Christiansburg, Virginia where they founded Christian Growth Center.

Pastor Rob and Tricia stepped into the apostolic and prophetic phase of their ministry in February 2002. As such, they minister to the Body of Christ, building up, encouraging, and equipping ministers, and helping believers mature in the knowledge of the Lord.

Known as a minister to the ministers, Rob Sowell operates in the apostolic gift of the Holy Spirit, edifying and encouraging all preachers of the Word from laymen to evangelists. Pastor Rob’s passion is to see the men and women of God walk in the integrity of their calling. Gifted to connect on a personal level and penetrate the heart, he impacts the believer to live an uncompromising life of honesty and godly character.

Through unconditional love and compassion for the church, Pastor Rob accepts and affirms people from all walks of life and is a bridge-builder, connecting all persons to the knowledge of the Lord and the power of His might. He teaches believers how to strengthen their union with God and how to apply Godly wisdom in every area of life whatever the circumstance.

A revivalist, Tricia Sowell is a national and international conference speaker and a teacher of God’s Word and is commissioned to go forth and ignite God’s people.

Teaching under the anointing and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, she has a heartfelt passion to see lives changed dramatically. Tricia believes this is the season to experience the outpouring of God’s Spirit in power and demonstration causing His people to ascend to a higher level.

With a revivalist voice of the 21st century, Tricia ministers with a prophetic word stirring up and igniting God’s fire in people causing a hunger for things of the Spirit that have been lying dormant, compelling them to seek more from God. Impartation will come as God’s Holy Spirit revitalizes, renews, and restores. It’s been accurately said of Tricia that a residue of the Holy Spirit’s anointing remains as she fans the flames of revival!

Rob & Tricia Sowell

Rob and Tricia Sowell Ministries is headquartered in Christiansburg, Virginia. To schedule a meeting, you may contact:

Rob and Tricia Sowell Ministries
P.O. Box 2099
Christiansburg, VA 24068

By phone, contact:
Shirley Mitchell @ 540-382-2908
or Tricia Sowell @ 540-577-0488