Well, 2019 is here…Fan the Flame

Just a few thoughts to share with you as we enter into this New Year, it seems the Lord has put us in remembrance of some truths that have been given to us. ( 2 Timothy 1:6). We are not to make light of the impartations of ​grace​ that we have been given.

We are to be good stewards of the revelations that have been shared by our spiritual Fathers….we need them for this last day ​Revival…Awakening.

If you have found yourself in a place of complacency, do what Paul told Timothy; “I would remind you to ​STIR​ up, ​REKINDLE​ the embers of, ​FAN​ the flame of, and ​KEEP​ burning the gracious Gift of God…the inner Fire that is in you…

One way to do this is to position yourself to sit under and partner with anointed men and women of God, to partake of the anointing that is upon their life, it will REKINDLE​ and ​AWAKEN​ the gift within you.  They carry something you have need of to finish your race and finish it strong.

We pray that as a partner and friend of this ministry you will receive and partake of the grace and anointing on our lives. We know there is much to do to prepare the church and strengthen His ministries for this last day awakening.

Thank you!  Thank you for believing in us and being a faithful friend. ​

Keep the faith….we are almost there!

​Rob & Tricia